3 Things I’ve Learned as a Programmer

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Programming is becoming more and more common as technology constantly grows. Even simple jobs are being made simpler through robotics and artificial intelligence. Regardless of how much programming experience you may or may not have, there are a few things that anyone can take away from such a valuable skill.

1. Everything Has More than One Solution

If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s most definitely that everything has more than one solution. When it comes to writing code, there’s almost always a more optimized way to do the exact same thing, even if it isn’t apparent at first. A process that may be running slow can be changed in such a way that the outcome is identical, but the method is insanely faster.

The same thing applies for me in my daily life. I’ve learned how to take a step back when working on something and think of how I can be more efficient. Sure, any task is capable of being accomplished with enough time, but there’s always going to be a better way.

2. Get Involved

Writing a program itself is very involving. Ask anyone who has sunk countless days and weeks into a project, and they will all tell you that developing software asks very much of a person. Well getting involved can mean even more than that. Many programmers have dipped their hands into open source software and made contributions that help build up something wonderful with little to no expectation for reward. The reward is in the contribution itself, however getting involved with the right projects can surely turn some heads and get people looking.

Some companies really enjoy seeing that a potential candidate for their job has been involved in the community because it demonstrates initiative, interest, and the ability to work with others (even if that just means building upon their code). So if you have any deep interests, act on them and get involved with a community that shares your interests. Only good things will come of getting involved.

3. There’s a Resource for Everything

As someone who began to delve into programming before I could even attain a formal education for it, I had no idea where to begin or if it was even possible. It wasn’t long until I realized that the internet could provide me with countless resources to learn programming whether it be in the form of books, youtube tutorials, or countless forums where a plethora of people already knew how to do everything I wanted to do.

Whether you’re getting invested with developing software or learning to ride a bike for the first time, there’s a resource out there that can walk you through from beginning to end (even if you have to use multiple sources).

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